Is the cost of Facebook or Instagram Campaigns included in the Subscription Plan?

  • No, Subscription Plans only cover setup, management and design. Advertising cost will be separate.

What minimum budget do you advise?

  • We at least suggest starting a campaign with $10 per day. Budget below that won’t yield good results and we don’t recommend to start with a big budget. It would be wise to start with a smaller budget and testing to see what works. Then we can scale up the budget.

What’s the process you follow once the Subscription Plan is purchased?

  • Once the order is placed, we will review your requirements and start working on the audience and targeting. Once targeting is finalized, we create ads and test different types to find a winning ad. We continue this process for the duration of the Subscription Plan and optimize campaigns accordingly.

Can I see the ads before they are published?

  • Yes, we initially start the first month designing ads and reviewing your approval. The second month once you approve, we will activate the ads. Do let us know if you want to review the ads before they go live.

What guarantee do you provide for results?

  • Results depend on a lot of factors but the most important factor is the quality of your landing pages/websites and offers. We try our best to send the right traffic but your site is responsible for converting. We cannot guarantee sales/results, as we can only control the quality of traffic.